Summer months are here. Kids being out of school and longer days are a perfect combination for a weekend getaway! Why not spend family time in the nature? You do not know where to go? Try a village called Bovec, which is located in the northwestern part of Slovenia. This little mountain gem offers numerous possibilities to explore the breathtaking surroundings of this Slovenian region. The attractive Soča valley represents an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities and is a great choice for a short break in the fresh mountain air. In addition, the cooler mountain air is always a good idea during long and hot summer days. Here, we collected some ideas on how to spend a great family weekend in the nature in Bovec.


The area around Bovec offers a wide range of water and non-water sports activities. Soča Splash agency provides also a so-called family friendly rafting. This rafting is meant for families with smaller children, therefore the swimming knowledge is not obligatory. It runs on a soother part of Soča river, with less rapids and obstacles, and is a good choice for families who look for a calmer, yet fun rafting experience. The safety is provided by our experienced rafting guides and brand new equipment, so no need to worry about that:) Family rafting is a great idea during hot summer days, as the easy ride along the Soča river definitely cools you down and provides refreshment in its beautiful emerald pools. During the ride we entertain ourselves with various games.


Were your holidays interrupted by bad weather? No, worries, we thought about that as well! You can improve your detective skills in our brand new escape room. The game represents a unique and extremely fun experience for everyone with a little detective need. The main theme of our escape room is a prison. It contains three rooms, from where a player has to find the exit in time. The game lasts one hour. There are various hints that facilitate the escape. All three rooms are full of interesting enigmas, puzzles and hidden object, which help you find the way out.


Would you like to try out a paddling sport but you are not ready for the river yet?
Then paddleboarding is the right choice for you. Take your family on a paddleboarding adventure to the Predil lake in a company of an enthusiastic Bovec Paddle Boarding team guide. Drive across the beautiful landscape and learn about the area’s rich war history. Enjoy the warmer emerald waters of the lake and indulge yourself in the beautiful nature and fresh air.
It’s a perfect adventure for families of all ages!



This year’s novelty is also a brand new Adventure park Bovec, which is located just under the Kanin cable car. The park offers three different routes, which vary according to the difficulty level. One route is specifically intended for our youngest visitors, aged 3-10. The adrenaline park is full of different elements on height that are carefully guarded and represent a wonderful way of entertainment for children. Definitely worth a try!

Photo : Bovec Šport Center


Another option is to visit the Adventure park Srnica. This park is located above the 120m long canyon of Srnica. The park offers some hiking, but also climbing elements, which could be described as easy via ferrata. This means that we use climbing gear to attach ourselves on the iron bars, which make up a route on the rocks.  In the park, there are also hanging bridges and various obstacles which make the experience more fun. To top it up, there is also a short zip-line at the end, which offers great views of the gorgeous canyon.