There is so many things to see in Slovenia, but which landmarks are really the ones travelers should not miss?
Some landmarks are very popular and full of tourists, and others, just slowly getting it’s reputation, like Slovenia itself. In this blog, I present my favourite spots in Slovenia, that are joined togather in a one week program.
SECOND LANGUAGE: everyone speaks English, mostly also basic German
HIGHWAY: neccesary to have a Vignette, you can buy it on Petrol stations
LOCALS: friendly and openminded



Is there anything better then jumping in the sea after a long travel? Either you arrive to Slovenia by plane or by car, you will not be far from Piran, an old town on the Slovenian coast.

Vir: https://www.visitljubljana.com/sl/obiskovalci/ogledi-in-izleti/poldnevni-izlet-v-piran/

Explore the Mediterranean city, get lost in the narrow streets of the old town, enjoy the beautiful seeside, taste the local products, visit spas, take a walk to the cliffs of Strunjan, visit the salt pans of the Sečovlje, go biking on the Parenzana trail and so much more. For the night life, it is worth going to few kilometers remote modern city Portorož, also knows for it’s casinos.
With so many things to do and see, you will have to stay over the night here. Guesthouse and apartments PachaMama in Piran are great choice for B&B. You will be served with tasty breakfast on the big terrace of the old town.



Driving 30 minutes from Piran, brings you to the Slovenian Karst region, famous for it’s lime stone ground structure, where the water flow made billions of caves.

Vir: http://www.burger.si/Jame/SkocjanskeJame/SkocjanskeJame/seznam.html

There is always a discusion either to visit Škocjan caves or Postojna caves, that are quite close nearby. While visiting either of the parks, you will find many stapes, the olm or proteus (Proteus anguinus) massive underground halls, natural bridge,…
Both of them are very special and worth visiting, but here are some facts that will help you decide which ones are better choice for you.
The POSTOJNA CAVES has entery fee around 25€ per person for adults, you are collected togather in a group and accompanied by a guide, part of the cave you visit with a train and the rest is walking thrue the cave. The tour takes about 1,5 hours and is good choice for families.
ŠKOCJAN CAVES are not so commercial, surrounded with quiet nature and are less bussy. The entery fee is from 16€ to 20€ for adults, depending on the season of your visit. The visit of the caves will take about 2 hours, you will walk about 2 km and make about 400 vertical meters.
If you have enough time, you can visit a PREDJAMA CASTEL, 800 years old castel that was built in the middle of the 123 meters high vertical cliff.

Vir: www.postojnska-jama.eu


Vir: www.brda.si

After the Karst region, take a 70 minute drive to the Goriška Brda, a magical region known for it’s wineyards. Book your stay at HIŠA MARICA, renewed medieval house, where you can stay at one of the rustic rooms. When in Rome, do like the Romans do: on the schedule we have wine tasting, prosciutto and olives. Many things to try and see, will keep you bussy over the evening.


The program takes you higher up to the North-West of Slovenia, to the Soča valley. Driving 1,5 hour to the destination Bovec is scenic, so plan much longer drive with few stops.


Kobarid is a city next to the Soča river, known also for it’s turbulent past – The Isonzo front that left many traces in this area.
Visiting MUSEUM OF WW1 will describe this part of the hystory very good and you will be able to see many remainings from the war.
Going towards the Soča river in Kobarid, will bring you to the beautiful Napolen bridge, where you should follow sign for Kamp Lazar and continou towards the KOZJAK WATERFALL. About 20 minutes hike will bring you to the 15 meter waterfall.

Vir: http://www.primorskival.si/novica.php?oid=5039

On the way back from the waterfall, you can stop at the Kamp Lazar for pancakes or some other delicious meals.
You should also not miss having a dinner at HIŠA FRANKO, few kilometers from Kobarid. You will taste food made by The world’s best female chef 2017, Ana Roš.
Just 20 more minutes driving and you will arrive to Bovec. On the way, once you pass Žaga village and drive over the short bridge, don’t forget to look on your left, there is magnificient BOKA WATERFALL, one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia.


Bovec is a small city surrounded with a pristine nature of the Julian Alps and emerald Soča river. In the summer months, this is a real Meka for outdoor sports and in the winter, paradise for skiers,with the highest ski resort in Slovenia.

Photo: Csaba Bacso

Bovec will keep you bussy for few days, so don’t forget to book your stay early enough. You will find very nice accommodation at:
Hotel Mangart

KANIN – SELLA NEVEA SKI RESORT ussualy starts working in December and all the way till 1st May, with only natural snow on the Slovenian side of the resort. Since the resort is over 2000 masl, you have enough of snow also to do ski touring and amazing off piste skiing. If you do not know the resort, better to go offpiste with locals- there are many holes and caves all over the mountain, and not being careful can be very fast followed with an accident.
In the summer you can also take the cable car to the resort. There are many possibilities for hiking or just enjoying the view and fresh mountain air.


There are so many things to try here, from activities for adrenaline junkies, to the easy family trips with stunning views. Local agencies offers rafting, kayaking, canyoning, snorkeling in the gorge of Soča etc. You can also try zip line, climbing, paragliding, skydiving, caving, biking, via ferrata, adventure parks, escape room, … Most of them you will find at Soča Splash outdoor agency .

Besides adrenaline activities, you there are also many natural beauties to visit here. The magical WATERFALL VIRJE great target for a short hike.
Few kilometers from Bovec are the KLUŽE FORTRESSES that hides a lot of history secrecies.
Nearby is the highest slovenian road, going to the Mangart sadle. The breathtaking view on the peaks of the Julian Alps will inspire you. From the sadle is only 2,5 hours hike to the top of the Mangart mountain, the 4th highest mountain in Slovenia. The hike is short but technicaly not that easy, you will need mountain equipment- helmet, via ferata set.

Vir: http://danbriski.com/?album=the-alps


The best of Bovec was seen, so it is time to explore other spots of Slovenia.
The road from Bovec towards Vršič pass will take you right next to Soča river. It is worth stopping at the Lepena village where you can see the Soča gorge or hike The Šunik water grove.

Foto: David Štulc Zornik

You can also visit SOURCE OF SOČA RIVER , in Trenta village.
Driving over the Vršič mountain pass is a sightseeing road, so as a driver, you have a lot of troubles with concentration, with so many beauties around you. This road is also one of the favourit roads for bikers. Once you arrive to the top of the pass, it is very worth streching your legs on the short, easy hike (1 hour in one direction)to the Slemenova špica. You will be impressed by the views!
On the way down from the pass towards Kranjska Gora, you will pass Russian chapel that was built by Russian prisoners during the World War 1. Once you arrive down from the pass, you can explore the surroundings of Jasna lake.


From here there is less then one hour drive to the Bled, famous for it’s lake and Kremšnita desert. It is one of the most busy destinations in Slovenia.

Vir: https://www.pexels.com/photo/scenic-view-of-lake-against-sky-during-sunset-258136/

You can take a walk around the lake (around 10K), take a boat to the island, visit the Bled castel, visit Vogel ski resort, hike peaks of the Julian Alps, visit Bohinj lake etc.



There is only 1 hour drive to the capital of Slovenia, beautiful and cosy Ljubljana .

Vir: https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/3430542/castles-clouds-picturesque-lawns-ponds-ljubljana/

After beeing whole week in the pristine nature, it is time for window shopping and drinking coffee or tea on the Prešeren square. Take a walk next to Ljubljanica river, hike to the Ljubljana castel, check the market place, visit Tivoli parc and spice up your evening on the Metelkova district, a funky and alternative cultural community that gets really bussy in the evenings.
This week in Slovenia will keep you comming back to our little beautiful country. The nature and friendly locals leave a mark with beautiful memories in every guest.